“Pete loves your class. You do a great job and we can really see improvement since he started working with you. It really helps him.”


“What a wonderful first visit with my mom. When I first go there, she was grumpy in anticipation of your visit. After you left, she was in a much more positive frame of mind. I think she felt like she did well during the session and that lifted her spirits. I have shared the good news with the rest of the family.”


“Working out with Sarah totally eliminated my knee instability and chronic pain that had plagued me for years…and all this after just a few months of weekly workouts fine-tuned to my situation. I’m guessing I’d feel 18 again if I did my homework as assigned!”


“I truly hesitate to think of what shape I would be in had I not spent the last 10+ years working out with Sarah! She motivates me, keeps me on track and MAKES IT FUN.”


“After the birth of my children, 30 years ago, I committed to a fitness routine which included weight training and cardio. Although quite dedicated, I found it helpful to have outside ideas and variety. So 16 years ago, I hired Sarah.Sarah and I work out weekly focusing on many aspects of fitness including tone, balance, flexibility and strength.

The workout is always enjoyable and appropriate.I have had many sports related injuries, as expected, and it has always been helpful to continue my workouts through the rehab period and I find Sarah quite knowledgeable about this process.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to enjoy an active life and enhance their fitness.”


“In the years I’ve worked with Sarah I have found her to be the consummate professional trainer whose knowledge and creativity contribute to a program that adapts to my body’s changing needs. I feel stronger, more flexible, and in better shape than I should at my age. Recently someone commented on my “incredible” arms, a testament to Sarah’s work!”


“Sarah Stahr has been my personal trainer for over ten years. Her knowledge and skills have been instrumental in helping me to keep fit and agile, and in helping me to maintain a healthy, pain-free way of life. I highly recommend her to all who may need her assistance.”


“Sarah has been a great help to me. She is able to spotlight one’s special problems and address them.”


“I have more energy after I’ve been to exercise. I can see the improvement in my eye hand coordination.”


“Sarah’s Parkinsons’ sessions are tailored for the Parkinson’s patient with low intensity aerobics, balance work, task repetition (such as standing up from a floor position) and stretching. Sarah also provides positive energy, jokes, and baked goods. Sometimes I have to drag myself to the class, but I always leave with my batteries fully charged.”


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